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yes hello id like to buy this painting!! its just so beautiful. ive fallen in love and i have to have it. how much is it??? wait. what do you mean thats a mirror

you guys are scaring the man…

how would you describe: kim ryeowook?


Hey mamacita 내가 ayayayaya

that moment when your friend laughed right in your face XD

keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

like really, very close

intimately close 

so close that you can feel your enemies breath on your neck

and you shiver with hatred and… anticipation? 

turn around and look deep into your enemies eyes, letting your gaze drag down to their lips, your eyes intense with desire. push your enemies up against the wall.

make out with your enemies.

your friends, who are still close, are super uncomfortable and kinda grossed out

meanwhile jaebum….. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

W h a t … (●__●)

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